OMI Visiting Professorship in Urology in Dodoma,Tanzania

Prof. Mesut Remzi (Medical University of Vienna) and Dr. Cornelia Radon (Austrian Society of Urology) spent ten days at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital in Dodoma, Tanzania.

During that time, they held lectures and hands on workshops on Laparoscopic Surgery, consulted on how to conduct clinical research and publish scientific papers, and advised on professional development, based on their own professional experience. Prof. Remzi and Dr. Radon were the first to perform laparoscopic kidney and adrenal surgeries at the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital. In addition, they established laparoscopic orchiopexy for the pediatric population. Throughout the Visiting Professorship, the OMI Faculty saw 106 patients during clinic sessions.

Prof. Remzi: The rationale for the visit in Tanzania, Afrika
•Brain drain is the greatest impediment to real progress
•Many international aid programs inadvertently cause this negative development
• The longer the stays abroad the less likely it is that physicians to return to their home countries.
•Zimbabwe serves as a prime example: Of 1,200 physicians trained within a 10 year period only 360 remained in the country.
See Tylor et. al. „Stemming the Brain Drain – A WHO Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel“.
New England Journal of Medicine 2011.365:2348-235

The full report can be found here

“We were grateful to be with Prof. Remzi and Dr. Radon and being taught tips and tricks of laparoscopic surgeries. Furthermore Buy Cifran Cipro online , these were the first laparoscopic kidney and adrenal surgeries performed in our hospital, hence it will help to kick off the journey of laparoscopic surgeries.”

Dr. Remigius Rugakingila (OMI Fellow)
Urologist at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital

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